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Dental web Design Guide

The world has become a global village where all can be connected through the medium of internet. As per the research carried out, of the total population on the globe, more than half the population search internet as an option for products and services they need to avail. Looking up to such need of internet perceptive surrounding, The Dentists are not keeping back. They are now jumped into the field of having their own website stating their expertise and services.

If you are planning to build a Dental Web Site then, there are lot many things to be looked up for successful Dental Practice. The Dental website designers can be enormous as there are many dental practices going on. The website should be informative and appealing with user friendly for its users. The users would only know and look on the website and they not have idea of how many things are needed to build a successful web design.

Let us understand certain aspects of creating a Dental web design:-

Domain name:-

The very first thing to consider is what would be the domain name of the website to be designed. The name should match our profession. If it is not then users will not get relevance to it. While deciding upon the domain names, it needs to be verified that the Search engine optimisation has not blacklisted and is available. After blocking a domain name, it needs to be registered.

Web Host Provider:-

The web host providers allow you to use their server and store the website on it. The web host provider should be a trusted company to ensure that all your details are under safe hands. It might happen that you can get registration and web host within one company itself.


After all legal work is done, now it is the time to sit with the web design experts to have a blueprint of how the actual website would look. You can have a look at other dental website designers work for your reference and accordingly design a layout. Keep the website simple and not too flashy.

On the go Trial:-

Before you launch your website for public at large, it is always good to keep a trail test for the same. Trial test helps in identifying any glitches if left while designing the website and provides time to fix it back. If after the launch the glitches occure, the impression would not be good to the patients.

On Board:-

Once the web site is designed, now it is the time to make it online. The task here comprises of make people aware regarding the website through various marketing skills. Select a good technical staff so that at any point any glitches occur, they are ready to fix them up. Try to keep ongoing additions in the website. Have a smooth running to have right kind of patient visitors.


The website is running smooth, you have good number of visitors but it might happen that you would not convert those visitors into patients. The catch here is Successful marketing. Patients expect something out of you but your site does not deliver that then you would lose the patient. The dental site should not necessary be attractive but it should be more informative to the visitors. The substance matters the most.

Let us now look upon what all things to be consider for a good Dentist web design-

As described earlier, the website need not be attractive but it should impress the visitors with the substance provided on the website.
Make them aware of what products and services you provide. The web page should have information on what all kinds of treatments you offer or any special equipment you use. It should have your Contact details (Phone number plus Mail id).Have an auto sending option in your mailers to attract more visitors.

To have easy accessibility to the patients, you might add an online appointment option instead to traditional calling method. A simple online form filling would reduce the queue of the patents. An online help desk or chat representative should be there to clear the queries of the visitors. Also, provide social media links to make users connect over there too.

The website should be SEO friendly having visibility on all search engines. Adding video demos will attract the visitors. Testimonials from your regular patients or previous customers would be a useful one in authenticating your expertise and services.Information on your accolades, certifications will add value to your practices as well as increase your goodwill. Visitors trust the experienced and experts for their Dental problems.

The website should be browser friendly too like it should be accessible on all operating systems plus on smart phones too. We looked upon all online ways to having successful Dental web design but there are lot many offline ways too by which you can increase the effectiveness of your website.

They are as follows:-


You can include your website details on the pamphlets, appointment letter or even on the cheque given to the patients for their reference.

Media publications:-

You can advertise your Dental website in newspapers, magazines, print mediums like billboards, hoardings etc to make people aware about your website.

Newsletters or leaf lets:-

You can add your Dental website URL on the newsletter sent to the patients every time.

Thus, in this technological arena going on, people assumes of every company/profession having a website. The Dental profession is no more lacking in this. Every dentist has now a website of their own where they provide information on their practice and services. It would be beneficial to have a customised Dental web design to have a competitive edge over others. This also leave a mark on the patients that apart from being a professional Dentist, you deal in valuing your patients too.

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